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Confessions of an Itinerant Batik Artist

Links to Some Favorite Sites

    Absolut Gallery

    Russian Virtual Art Gallery

    Amanda Perkins

    Quintessentially English Art Quilts by Amanda Perkins


    A comprehensive guide to batik including technique, tools, fabrics and dyes

    Beth McCoy

    My beloved wife and representational Batik artist


    Virtual mixed-media gallery

    EXIT Records

    Jazz Lives at Exit Records! Barry Wedgle, guitariste extraordinaire......

    Hollis Chatelain

    A textile artist whose work is about Life, the subjects being People from other cultures or Nature from around the world.......

    Kimberly Baxter Packwood

    Fiber Artist

    Kumbengo Koras

    Kumbengo Koras, Custom built 21-string African harps

    OpticalReverb Gallery

    Colorado Springs' Premiere Fine Art Gallery

    Parallel Youniversity

    New world order-Conspiracy theories-Parallel Youniversity: Information that shows a deeper and more credible analysis of world events than those chosen and edited for us by the manipulated media.....

    Prairie Fibers

    Natural Dyes and Compost Dyed Fabrics

    Virtual Arts and Current Affairs Magazine

    RBI Drums

    RBI Drums, fine hand-crafted African-style drums. Because sometimes you need a really good drum!

    Rebecca Waring

    Batik artist and poet.

    Robin Paris

    Environmental Batik

    Shawn Quinlan

    The site for Fabulous Figurative Quilts and a bunch of fascinating arty,political and humorous links...

    Simma Chester

    Jewellery...Artifacts of the Future.

    Stan Yarramanua

    Gifts - Unique Australian Aboriginal Art. Buy hand carved and painted Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, Aboriginal Art paintings and lots of other unique gifts. Designs by Australian Aboriginal Stan Yarramunua from the Yorta Yorta tribe.

    The Batik Guild

    The Batik Guild, UK

    The Insight- a Links site

    A Links site dealing with health, yoga, spirituality and just about everything else......look at your peril!

    Your Art Links

    Directory of Art-related sites on the internet

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