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Confessions of an Itinerant Batik Artist

Gallery Titles

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Apricot Blossoms 2003
Ayarpani Family
Ayarpani House
Ayarpani Sunset
Bali Temple
Bamboo and Bird Screen
Bamboo and Bird wall hangings (2)
Beggar with MIT Bowl
Buddha and Earth
Cadillac 50
Chrissie on a Bridge
Crossing the River
Danu Ram
Father and Son
Faux Flag 1
Faux Textile #2
Faux textile 1
Front and Back
Gladiolas and Ganja
Groynes 2, Hastings, England
Groynes, Hastings , England
Harak Singh
Harak Singh despairs
Jeff Two Hawks
Kala at the Christening
Kapkote Man with Waterpipe
Keep On Truckin'
Kumaoni Gentleman in Sepias
Kumaoni Mother and Daughter
Kumaoni Woman in Red
LaVeta View
Le Jazz Cool
Le Jazz Hot
Like Father, like Son
Lofty mountains have bred a proud breed of man in Himachal
Madonna and Child (Mataji Tewari and grandchild)
Man in Red Turban
MataJi Tewari Datt
Memsahib Than Singh
Men Behaving Badly
Mhan Singh (aka the Clockmhan)
Moon and Apple Blossoms
Mother and Daughter
Mr Joshi, Jam Wallah
My Darling Beth
My Friend Som
My Mechanic
My Postman
My Tailor, Almora
No Credit Please (Portrait of Anand Singh)
Old Man in green jacket
Peach Blossoms
Pett Levels 1
Pett levels 2
Pett Levels 3
Portrait of Anam
Ranjit Singh and Granddaughter
Raymond Redfeather
Sadhu 2
Sadhu 3
Sadhu in Pink
Sadhu with yellow gardenia
Self Portrait (aka Man of Stone ) 2002
Sita Singh
Smoking Man
Spinning Yarn
Summer Trees
Than Singh, Man of the Kumaon Himalayas
The Bride's Family
The Carrom game
The Christening
The Red Post Box
The Roadmenders
The Weighstation, Song
Then Singh, Tibetan Carpet Seller
Three Kapkote Women
Three Kumaoni Women
Three Women at a Wedding
Tribal Woman (Portrait of Memsahib Than Singh)
Two Children
U.S.A. 1
Umesh Joshi's Father
Venus Circus
Watching Man 1
Watching Man 2
Watching Woman 1
Watching Woman 2
Wedding Scene
Welcome Danu
Woman in Red and Green
Young Man at Tara's (Study in Blue and Gold)
Young Woman and Fabrics

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