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Confessions of an Itinerant Batik Artist
Batik Artist Jonathan Evans

It would be nice, I suppose, to be able to say that I learned the ancient art of Batik from an old master in the beach bazaars of Bali, or that I was instantly attracted to the incredibly intricate patterns of hand dyed Indonesian cloth, or even that I immediately saw the potential of this art as a painting medium. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

On these pages we present the writing and images of Batik Artist Jonathan S. Evans


Over 30 years of world travel with the art of Batik as a driving force has produced a wealth of material on which to draw. The site is a candid autobiography, travel journal, art gallery and a chance to muse on one man's love affair with the unique art of Batik.

The texts which follow are excerpts from the book 'Confessions of an Itinerant Batik Artist', accompanied by reproductions of batik art paintings produced since 1970. Most of the original works are now in the hands of collectors but current work is presented in 'The Batik Gallery'. In the 'Art of Batik' section, we will talk a little of how you might try this challenging art-form, with especial emphasis on dyes, waxes and the intricacies of the process.

For information on the book, future shows and projects, and how to contact Jonathan Evans, see the section labelled 'Contacts'.


"My life as a Batik artist has taught me the lessons of patience, acceptance and the beauty of Process. Batik Art has helped me understand the importance of the fifth element too, the element of Chance, without which Art and Life would not be imbued with mystery, magic or fun."

"Life is Short but Art is Long"

All batik art for sale is on show in 'The Batik Gallery'

Portrait Commissions Welcome


We hope you enjoy 'Confessions of an Itinerant Batik Artist'
and are inspired by the ancient art of Batik

All text and images © Jonathan S. Evans 2008
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